1. Request a quote, from [email protected] We will respond within 24 hours (Mon to Fri). Order requests will have priority during business hours, quote requests will be completed after hours if feedback was not received during business hours. Tender quotes feedback could be extended to the weekend. 
  2. Accept quote or send purchase order. Your proforma invoice will be processed. You can also order online on our website and pay via Payfast payment method.
  3. Make payment for full order, we bank with FNB, Absa, Nedbank and Standard Bank to make the payment process more efficient.
  4. Once payment reflects in our bank account, your order will be processed. No order will be processed without a reflected full payment of the order.
  5. Within 1 to 3 working days your order will be picked to be packaged.
  6. If your full order is in stock, your order will be dispatched by day 1 or 2. If some products are short on your order, we will order in the items. Dromex items lead time is 3 to 5 days. All other brands, 3 to 7 working days lead time will apply. If your order was not dispatched by day 5, our dispatch will notify you of any additional lead times.
  7. When your order is completed, our dispatch will notify you via email or telephonically, by processing your tax invoice and you will be notified that your order is fully processed and ready to be collected by our courier. We will have logged the courier collection immediately when your order was completely processed. 
  8. Your order will be collected by Courier Guy that same day or the day after.
  9. The general shipping lead time ranges from 1 to 5 working days. (no deliveries on Saturday’s and Sunday’s)
  10. If you would like to track your parcel, please email [email protected] They will request the estimate day of delivery from Courier Guy.
  11. Please do not harass our sales representatives, as they do not pack the orders. Please respect our general lead time of 3 to 5 days.

We are currently experiencing high order volumes. Longer lead times could apply. Be assured that we are attending to all orders as soon as we possibly can and apologize for any unexpected delays.


  • Since 2018 ZDI’s customer base increased substantially and growing every day. 
  • We have over 500 regular customers and we need to attend to each order with high priority. As each order is very important to us.
  • We are sending out +50 orders daily, we need to work on a queuing system for each order. You know how it feels if someone jumps in front of you in a queue, please do not expect us to do the same to our other customers.
  • We do not want to over promise and under deliver, we want to ensure all orders are correctly processed, hence sticking with a realistic turn around time for orders.
  • We are supplying over 1000 products, some products are sold in 10 different sizes. It is impossible to stock our full range. We mostly stock disposable PPE and Dromex items. All other brands and uniforms will have to be ordered in and will have an automatic lead time of 3 to 7 days. 
  • In order for us to provide low pricing, we need to order in bulk as well, if you place a small order, we need to wait to accumulate other orders, before we can order in. 


  • When your order is placed (after payment), your order will be sent to dispatch to process. When your order gets picked, only then stock is confirmed. If we do not have enough stock for your order, we order in the requested items. Then you will be notified of any additional lead time. 
  • As more than 50 orders are sent out daily, we cannot confirm an accurate stock availability.
  • Stock availability requests will ONLY be confirmed upon order. We cannot confirm stock availability for each quote request. This takes up unnecessary time. Stock availability checks will only be allowed for larger orders. 
  • We are supplying over 1000 products, some products are sold in 10 different sizes. It is impossible to stock our full range. We mostly stock PPE and Dromex items. All order brands and corporate wear will have to be ordered in and will have a lead time of 3 to 7 days.  
  • If we cannot fulfill your order, due to stock availability that is out of our control, a full refund will be processed within 1 to 7 days.


  • We have limited minimum order quantities. You may order  only 1x box of masks, but the standard courier charge will apply on ALL orders. We can only sell masks in their carton quantity of like example 10 masks per package. We do not remove any masks from their packaging. 
  • Some minimum order quantities do apply on items that are on special or only sold per carton. 
  • On all corporate wear, we do have a minimum order quantity of 10 garments per order. We supply in wholesale, we are not your online Woolworths. 
  • Please view our price list for the minimum order quantities or send your inquiry to [email protected]
  • Our minimum order quantities will also be stated on our website, the add to cart items will be limited to our minimum order quantity, but we can always try to assist per your requirements. Feel free to email us. 
  • We cannot offer free delivery, as our margins are very low to keep our pricing as low as possible. Discounted courier charges will always apply on larger orders of R20 000 and more, but is dependent on the items ordered. 


  • Courier charges will apply on ALL orders. 
  • Depending on which products are ordered. Local Gauteng deliveries will cost R109.25 for 1 carton. All other nationwide deliveries will cost R150 for 1 carton.
  • Thereafter you will be charged R30-R50 for each additional carton.
  • We will provide a discounted courier rate on all large orders of R20 000 and more, dependent on the items ordered. We will always try to cover 50% of the courier charges. 
  • We cannot offer free delivery, as our margins are very low to keep our pricing as low as possible.  
  • We are not liable for damage or loss of the goods in transit after the courier has collected the order. Transport insurance can be added for values under R20 000 upon request. Usually the courier charges 6% of the value of the items. 


  • Since the first lock-down we decided to cut costs on unnecessary store rentals and embrace the new normal. ONLINE SHOPPING!!
  • To keep our staff and our customers safe and to promote social distancing. We stopped all walk-in customers.  The less expenses we have, the more you can save. We cut down our pricing on all our products. SO WE DO NOT HAVE A PHYSICAL STORE. 
  •  We only use courier companies to deliver all orders. Mostly we use Courier Guy to ship nationwide. We will arrange the courier, to ensure all paperwork is in order, too many different couriers, causes unnecessary delays and confusion.
  • All other African countries, may arrange collection at our Jet Park, Boksburg, South Africa premises. For safety reasons, we do not provide our warehouse address on our website. We can also deliver to your Courier company of your choice, but limited order value will apply or you will be charged the standard courier charge.
  • If you are not happy with this arrangement, please use a different supplier. As we are not a Dischem or Shoprite. We are not a chain store, we supply PPE in bulk on wholesale pricing. To help you save money. Please respect our lead time and ordering process. This process is not negotiable. 


At ZDI we believe that the safety of you and your employees is a matter that should not be taken lightly, we strive to provide our customers with only the best safety gear and equipment possible, to assure that you and your employees stay safe and regulation complaint.

We have an extensive product range as we have a reliable network of sources allowing us to provide each and every client affordable, yet high quality products. We specialize in all types of work wear garments, Chef uniforms, Security Uniforms, Bullet Resistant Gear and much more. We deliver globall