Return Policy

Returns and Exchanges:

We reserve the right to charge a handling fee of up to 30% on returns of correctly supplied goods, subject to the returnable status of the items. To ensure a successful purchase, please refer to our website’s sizing guides to ensure the correct sizes are purchased. Returns or exchanges are not accepted for special customer orders, branded items, budget footwear, discontinued items, items that need to be assembled or consolidated, memory sticks, food items, personal care or pamper products, or branded items. Returns on workwear items with specially applied tape, which are non-stock items, will not be accepted.  Buy-out items for example from Barron will not be accepted for any returns or exchanges.

Products that were correctly supplied must be returned within 7 days to qualify for a refund or credit. Card transaction fees will be deducted from all refund transactions if an item cannot be supplied. We encourage customers to select the EFT payment method to avoid these fees. Courier charges will be applied to all accepted returns.

Return process:

  • Step 1: Once we receive final confirmation from you, we will initiate the return process by logging it in our system. Please see the below terms and conditions.
  • Step 2: The return will be automatically coordinated with our trusted partner, Courier Guy, who will handle the collection of the item.
  • Step 3: Upon receiving the return, our team will carefully evaluate the item/s. To ensure eligibility for return, all tags must be intact, packaging must be in its original condition and not damaged, and the item must not have been worn.
  • Step 4: For efficient and cost-effective shipping, we kindly request that you pack the items in the smallest carton available. This will help us avoid any additional charges associated with transport costs on your credit. It is important to note that if the packaging is damaged due to insufficient packaging, we will not be able to accept the return. For example, do to send back the loose items, as the courier will then tape the items together and the packaging will be damaged by the tape and the return will not be accepted.
  • Step 5: Our return evaluations typically take 2 to 5 days to complete, after we receive the return.
  • Step 6: Once your return is approved, the item will be credited. It’s important to note that there will be handling charges, which cover the courier expenses for the return. We kindly request that you do not drop off the item personally, as we need to log and track everything accurately in our system, in collaboration with Courier Guy. Additional handling charges may apply for non-stock items, special customer orders, or bulk orders. We do not accept returns for special customer orders.

If the return is not accepted due to torn packaging, the item will be sent back, and the courier charges back and forth will be billed to your account.

  • Step 7: To ensure a smooth process, we will create a new order for the replacement item, and the associated courier charges will be included for delivering the item back to you.